Candace Bure S.A.L.T. Jar 3 / MOVE

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Unique Idea Jar, designed to screen out boredom and shake up your workout

  • Upscale jar with screwtop lid
  • 52 folded cardstock ideas to create a fresh workout option
  • Folded inserts are 1.75" x 1.5" folded, artisan prints
  • Sample ideas:
    Put on some music and dance for a few minutes
    Time for bicycle crunches. Do 3 sets of 12
    Tricep Dip* time! Grab a stable chair and work the back of those arms
    Get hopping. Hope from one foot to the other for 1 minute
  • ...And many more!
  • For individual use or working out with a friend
  • MOVE Collection
  • Created by Candace Bure for Dayspring
  • S.A.L.T jar = Simple Acts Little Time
  • Boxed gift
  • Jar size is 4.25" x 3.5" approx
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