Geometric Metal Wreath - Peace on Earth + Welcome

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Christmas is a great time to welcome many to your home.  The Geometric Metal Wreath fits any décor and welcomes your Christmas season guests with a timeless truth, Peace on Earth.  Don't pack it away with all your Christmas items, simply turn the medallion to the side that reads "Welcome" for a year round message.  Add some moss and a bird's nest for Spring, some bright silk gerbera daises for summer and a small pumpkin for fall.  This wreath affords you a wide variety of options to 'season it up' accordingly! 

Message: (medallion)
Peace on Earth

Letter from Candace:
I love Christmas! I really love Christmas. Christmas can become really busy. So busy that we can miss…Christmas. At the Bure house, Christmas has become a time to rest, recharge and be with family. It's a moment to take a breath, enjoy the season and remember Jesus.
Welcome to my Christmas line with simple design and a simple message- Be Still.
Make this Christmas simply meaningful, just like that very first Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Candace

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