Grace Flip

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The Grace Flip is a beautiful tool to remind us what God did for us - for you. Have you experienced the freeing, healing power of grace? We have. Accepting grace doesn't come naturally to most of us. Extending and receiving grace is something we have to learn and it all starts with Jesus and what He did for us.

Words can hurt, even from well-meaning friends, family and acquaintances. We can feel disappointed, betrayed, hurt and forgotten. Enter GRACE. When we start to really learn about God's grace toward us, it's much easier for that same grace to flow out of us to the people in our lives. We all need it, sometimes lots of it. God has an endless supply. Keep these scriptures close by and learn to give grace freely. Learn to live in grace.

Product description:
Small enough to throw in your purse, bag or fit in your pocket, the compact size is the perfect way to keep these important reminders with you wherever you go.

3" x 2.75" with a chipboard cover, 22 heavyweight pages and beautiful graphics. Three charms: a tassel, beads and a cross...each combination is different. Every Flip comes with a mesh gift bag.

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