Necklace 18" Happy Birthday Heart Locket

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Happy Birthday Heart Locket Necklace. Heart locket is silver plated, measures 9/16"L x 9/16"W. Hinged opening at side. The 18" chain is also silver plated. Packaged in clear header box with beautiful artwork and poem. Header box size is 4 1/2" x 6" x 5/8". Text of poem: As you turn another page, who would ever guess your age? You're warm and loving, kind and smart, forever blessed and young at heart. (By Alda Maria copyright Dicksons) This item also comes in a assorted array of products, I have attached those images as well. The Display and assortment IS NOT included with this buy for this one piece. It only shown for reference. You must ordered the display and assortment to get that package.

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