Herringbone Shawl- Tan w/Stripes

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When you are starting to feel a slight seasonal chill whenever you step outside make sure to wrap up in our Herringbone Shawl. Made from a soft tan fabric with blue and red stripes, the shawl adds a lighthearted touch to any outfit. It’s also multipurpose and can be worn as a scarf or to wrap around your shoulders. Our latest Fall Fashion Collection is all about your comfort from layering outerwear for maximum warmth to using touchably soft fabric in our designs. Each hand styled piece is created to keep you cozy on cool evenings and long, windy days. These garments evoke memories of childhood days picking ripe berries, playing on sandy beaches, and toasting marshmallows around a crackling fire. You’ll love the way our limited-edition pieces flatter the figure and enhance any ensemble from your wardrobe.

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