It's Better to Bite Your Tongue Than Eat Your Words

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Ever come away from a conversation wishing you'd said something differently, something else, or just something? We've all had conversations that took an unproductive turn or avoided conversations that really needed to happen. If you want to become a better communicator, Dr. Mike Bechtle has good news: the art of confident conversation is something you can develop through simple, repeatable habits. In this book, he shows you how to

- embrace your temperament
- overcome feelings of intimidation
- choose the right words at the right time
- speak up for others and yourself
- and much more

Say goodbye to fear, regret, and "I should (or shouldn't) have said that." Say hello to intentional, appropriate, timely conversations that get your point across even as they build relationships. This book provides mastery of the skills of confident communication in any situation.
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