Legacy Playbook: 50 Days of Encouragement to Pass on What Matters Most: A Devotional

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Life is a long journey filled with strikes, fouls, and curveballs, so we could all use some encouragement along the way. In this 50-Day Devotional, Texas Ranger Hall of Famer Jim Sundberg shares personal stories from his 16-year Major League Baseball career. Many are humorous and give a rare behind-the-scenes look at events and personalities around the dugout. Some are gripping, such as the loss of their first daughter and grappling with childhood abuse that led to emotional dysfunction and a battle with depression. Through them all, Jim candidly shares his quest to know the God who created him and fashioned him to play baseball. This LEGACY PLAYBOOK offers a daily short story from Jim, a promise from Scripture, a song, a few questions for mindful reflection, then a prompt to journal a prayer and write down what you hear the Father saying back to you. At the conclusion of each chapter, there is an invitation to reflect on the chapter’s theme, and through that lens of legacy, determine what matters most to you.

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