Our Daily Biscuit: Devotions with a Drawl

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Pull up a rocking chair and join us for humorous and poignant stories of faith, family, food, and our Southern heritage in Our Daily Biscuit: Devotions with a Drawl.

There’s something special about country living in the South. Travel rural roads and find beauty that takes your breath away and peace that seeps into your soul. Gather around a farmhouse table and enjoy some of the best cooking you’ll ever encounter. Read from an old family Bible that’s falling apart from use, and discover the heritage of a deep and abiding faith that’s been handed down from generation to generation—the most priceless gift our ancestors had to leave behind.

Our Daily Biscuit: Devotions with a Drawl is a celebration of faith, family, food, and the authors’ Southern heritage. Each chapter features a verse of Scripture, a funny or poignant story about Southern culture—with a devotional tie-in to bless your day or make you think—a prayer, and questions to help you deepen your relationship with God. There are even recipes from some of those fabulous Southern cooks sprinkled throughout. 

In the South, the welcome mat is always out, so invite your family and friends to share a heaping helping of Our Daily Biscuit: Devotions with a Drawl, and then enjoy your day with hearts, souls, and bellies that are filled to overflowing.

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