Preeten Devotions for Girls

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52 weeks of uplifting devotions and prayers for girls ages 10−12

The preteen years can be complicated, and this conversational devotional helps girls find their voice and inner strength through God’s love and light. Brittany Rust, an experienced Bible teacher with a passion for helping teens know God and His Word, discusses and interprets Scripture in a way that makes it easy for kids to understand and speaks to everyday preteen concerns, like friends and cliques, self-esteem, privacy, social media, and crushes.
Preteen Devotional for Girls features:

   • 52 weekly devotions organized by themes like “Relationships,” “Faith,” and “Feelings and Identity” provide discussions of Scripture and how God’s word can help find solutions and security
   • Friendly, encouraging tone strikes the perfect balance of wise, supportive mentorship and relatability
   • Open-ended prompts are thought-provoking and encourage preteens to trust God and themselves 
   • A path to regular practice of Bible study and prayer is carved out through one devotion per week, easing tweens into a natural interest and desire for study and reflection
   • The full-color pages and fun design create an interactive experience and boost creativity and self-expression 

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