Raising Healthy Teenagers

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Teens today face unique challenges so parents need a better guidebook.
This is that book.

It's a time-honored tradition for parents to point out differences in upbringing to their kids with sentences that start with, "In my day . . ." Usually, they're a bit amusing. But lately, hasn't it felt like there is a greater--and more serious--disconnect than ever before between the world we grew up in and the one our kids are growing up in?

Our kids are experiencing unprecedented isolation, stress, and anxiety fed by a fear-filled twenty-four-hour news cycle and exacerbated by too much time spent alone on screens. Not surprisingly, their mental and physical health are suffering. The question is, How do we help our teens when we never had to navigate the same kinds of challenges?

Practical and encouraging, Raising Healthy Teenagers helps you understand the mental, physical, and social toll the past few years have taken on your preteens and teens. Then it offers proven strategies to help your kids get back onto a healthy path.

Your teens need you now more than ever. Let this book show you how to be there for them, guide them, and set them up for lasting success.

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