The Best Birthday-Hardcover

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Six-year-old Molly is excited for her cousin Sammy, who is having a birthday party at Lantern Hill Farm. Birthdays mean gifts! But Molly wishes the gifts were for her. If only she could have two birthdays. With a list of riddles, Molly joins her cousins and friends on a treasure hunt that reveals God's love. Even better, Molly discovers that she can have a second birthday--by choosing to be part of God's family.
4 Key Features of The Best Birthday

    • Christ-Centered: Focusing on Jesus' salvation for us, loving God, and serving others, The Best Birthday encourages a biblical way of celebrating birthdays and paves the way for a Christ-centered foundation for your kids for life!


  • Eye Catching and Colorful Illustrations: Fun and engaging illustrations that will keep even the most short attention spans glued to this heartwarming story of celebrating Christ on our own special days.
  • Age-Appropriate: Whether your kids are aged 1-4 or 4-7 years old, each of the picture and board books were written to suit the appropriate ages. The Best Birthday can make the perfect read-to-me bedtime book or a story more advanced kids can read alone!


  • Hands-On Family Activities: Holidays are an opportunity to create family traditions and memories. At the back of the book are easy-to-follow suggestions and ideas for building your very own birthday scavenger hunt that you and your kids can do every year!


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