The Jordan River Rules

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In 2001, The Red Sea Rules showed up on bookshelves, telling the story of the Israelites at the Red Sea. The Lord parted the waters for them, showing us that the same God who leads us into difficulty will lead us out.

But do you know God parted the waters for His people a second time?

Forty years after the Red Sea experience, God divided the swollen waters of the Jordan River and led His people into the Promised Land He had prepared for them.

Welcome to The Jordan River Rules

God intends for you to go forward. Everything so far in your life―including your Red Sea moments of crisis―is simply God’s preparation for stronger days ahead. Perhaps you’ve survived your own Red Sea experiences because of God’s help. Now it’s time to move onward toward all the promises He has given you―the Promised Land of a rewarding future.

The same God who led you out will lead you on.

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