50 Bible Stories Every Adult Should Know: Volume 2: New Testament (Volume 2)

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This book will prove a feast, especially for those being exposed to many of these stories for the first time.
Jerry Jenkins, bestselling novelist and writer of The Left Behind series

Do you sometimes wish you knew more about the Bible—but you don’t know where to start? Understanding this collection of essential but lesser-known Bible stories will enrich your life and feed your soul. 
50 Bible Stories Every Adult Should Know: New Testament Edition includes: 

  • Engaging true stories featuring Bible text from reliable modern translations, along with brief introductions providing historical background and context.
  • Practical truths applicable to your busy everyday life.
  • Quotes and facts related to literature, ancient geography, and pop culture.
  •  Nearly 100 vibrant, classic fine art illustrations throughout.

The art and style of each story in this unique resource offers you an immersive experience into the Bible. You may never be the same.

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