A Girl’s Guide to Understanding Boys

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Help Your Girl Get to Know Boys from God’s Perspective
When it comes to boys, tween girls (ages 8 to 12) may become obsessed with them or avoid them entirely. Neither of these extremes promote healthy social development or reflect God’s plan for how the two sexes should interact.       
Equal parts self-help manual and interactive Bible study, A Girl’s Guide to Understanding Boys will help your daughter cultivate a positive, age-appropriate view of her male counterparts, one that honors God, her parents, and herself.
In kid-friendly language, your daughter will learn what dating is, including its purpose and potential pitfalls, how to act around boys, and what God wants her to do as she grows toward young adulthood.
Let this honest and biblically sound resource help your daughter gain greater insight into how God created boys and how she should relate to them.

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