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Snuggle up in the cool fall weather with a cozy blanket, a pumpkin spice latte, and your little one as you follow the whimsical, rhyming quest of Bear on his way to find the perfect pumpkin.

Will he choose a tall one?
A tiny one?
One with stripes?
Or perhaps a pumpkin white as snow?

Read along and find out which pumpkin Bear (and his friends) will choose!

Here’s a silly pumpkin!
It’s bumpy and unique.
But there are still more pumpkins,

So let’s go and take a peek. 

Here’s another pumpkin,
Bear! It’s perfect, don’t you say?
It’s round and smooth and not too big—
Just right for you! Hooray!

Bear Picks a Pumpkin:

  • Is perfect for little readers
  • Blends the warmth and joy of autumn with a powerful message of friendship
  • Is written in soothing, rhyming text, fun to read for parents and kids alike
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