Bible-Smart: Matthew

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Dig into over 200 honest questions everyone has about the Bible with easy-to-understand and well-researched answers to help you dig even deeper!

Studying the Bible doesn't have to be a chore, and understanding God's Word doesn't mean slogging through dull commentaries stuffed with theological jargon. Bible-Smart: Matthew is an invitation to sit down together and talk about honest questions everyone has about the Bible. Every page is a relaxed, fascinating, and enjoyable conversation through the Gospel of Matthew. Covering more than 200 questions, Mike Nappa gives well-researched and thoughtful, yet easy-to-understand answers to what you've always been curious about. Get answers to questions like:

  • Do we know where Jesus was buried?
  • No one seems to know what happened to Mary's husband, Joseph - why?
  • Why does Jesus call himself the "Son of Man"?
  • And more!
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