Books of the Bible Placemat -Pink

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What better way can we instill a love of God’s Word in the hearts of our children than to first give them a roadmap to navigate the pages of the Bible from Creation to Eternity? ⠀ ⠀ Teaching the books of the Bible is a really practical way to help your children see the big picture of Scripture and find their place in His Story.⠀Our silicone placemats are a fun way to incorporate scripture into meal time, crafts, at home or on the go! -dishwasher safe -non slip -easy to clean -stain resistant -reusable and nearly indestructible -measure 16"x12" -sold individually -CPSC tested safe Made of silky soft 100% food grade silicone free of BPA, PVC/Latex, vinyl, phthalates and they restrict bacterial growth.

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