Codependency: Balancing an Unbalanced Relationship [Hope For The Heart Series]

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You've heard plenty about getting hooked on drugs or alcohol or sitting at slot machines from sunup to sun down, but can you really become addicted to a person? The answer is yes-codependency is a relationship addiction. A codependant person is anyone who is dependent on another person to the point of being controlled or manipulated by that person.

Do you know...

  • The warning signs of codependency?
  • How to identify a codependent relationship profile?
  • Codependency can weaken your relationship with God
  • What causes repeated cycles of codependency?
  • Finding the path to interdependent relationships is possible?

Codependency can be compared to the sin of depending on false gods that are powerless to help or depending on a broken water well that won't hold water. It simply won't work! Learn how to be released from relationship addiction and have a renewed commitment to put Christ first...and keep him there.

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