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Enjoy having everything you need to know about the Dead Sea Scrolls in an ultra-slimline, laminated pamphlet at your fingertips! The Dead Sea Scrolls Pamphlet examines the incredible discovery of the oldest known copies of portions of the Old Testament and is packed with key features such as:

  • Highly Visual: Includes a chart on the history of Qumran; a timeline paralleling people/events in Israel and events at Qumran; and photos of the scrolls, Qumran site, and the cave interiors
  • Concise and Solid Information: Packed with simple summaries and explanations on the discovery and impact of the scrolls on Bible reliability
  • Researched Information from an Expert: Written by leading Bible archaeologist J. Randall Price, Ph.D, this pamphlet unpacks key information in an easy-to-understand way from one of the top experts in the field.
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