Devotions and Prayers for Managing Anxiety and Depression (Teen Girl)

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Overwhelmed by anxiety and depression? . . . It's difficult to manage life's burdensome feelings and frustrations. When you don't know where in the world to turn, God's Word can help. These180 devotions and prayers are a welcome start--by offering much-needed assurance, comfort, encouragement, understanding, love, support, and more truth-filled tools to help you manage and overcome your feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. In the pages of Devotions and Prayers for Managing Anxiety and Depression, you'll encounter just what your anxious soul needs. Every wisdom-filled devotion offers biblical encouragement and support for life's difficult days. With each turn of the page, you'll discover the truth and tools you need to better manage your feelings of anxiety and depression. . .and will come to trust you're never alone and always loved.

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