Easy for Me Bible Verses

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Young children can start memorizing a lot at a young age—from ABCs and numbers to colors and Bible verses—and they often have fun doing so! Easy for Me Bible Verses is a delightfully illustrated board book that includes 24 Scriptures that are fundamental to the Christian faith, such as:

  • In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. —Genesis 1:1
  • The Lord is good to everyone. —Psalm 145:9
  • God, create a clean heart for me. —Psalm 51:10
  • Love your neighbor as yourself. —Matthew 22:39

 In a time when biblical illiteracy runs rampant in our culture, Christian parents want to lead their children to hide God’s Word in their hearts starting early. Easy for Me Bible Verses is a simple way to help parents do just that.  

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