Embroidery Kit - If the Stars

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Unleash your creativity and discover the joy of stitching with our "If the Stars" Embroidery Kit. Featuring 3 subtle colors against a dark blue background to create the lettering and stars, this kit is designed for beginners and experienced stitchers alike, combining convenience and creativity to bring it to life. Inside the kit, you'll find a fabric canvas featuring a printed design. This pre-printed pattern serves as your guide, making it easy to follow along and create a stunning stitched design. Once you've finished stitching, a simple wash will remove the printed lines, leaving behind your beautifully embroidered creation. The high-quality knit of the cotton fabric provides a smooth stitching experience and ensures that your finished masterpiece will endure the test of time. These high-quality embroidery threads are easy to separate and use, and give your finished masterpiece a colorful pop that you will be sure to enjoy.

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