Kids' Big Questions for God

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Who created God?

How old is God?

Why does bad stuff happen?

Will there be animals in heaven?

Why did God create mosquitoes?
(They won't be in heaven, will they?)

Kids like you have lots of questions. But adults don't always have the answers, especially about the BIG things.

Sandy Silverthorne is here to help! In this book, he tackles 101 questions--including some you never thought to ask--offering honest, biblical answers. His quirky cartoons and activities make finding the answers fun. And the information he provides will help you explore your faith, consider God's plans for your life, and understand just how much God loves and cares for you.

Perfect for kids ages 6-8, this fun book is great for sparking conversation over breakfast, reading before bed, and all those in-between times when your mind is coming up with more questions to ask!

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