Nine Lives and Counting: A Bounty Hunter’s Journey to Faith, Hope, and Redemption

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“You may think you know Dog the Bounty Hunter. Think again. This time, I’m writing my story—my way.”

Within Nine Lives and Counting, Duane “Dog” Chapman not only offers fresh perspective on well-known life events but also ventures into behind-the-scenes territory and backstories never shared publicly. 

This book sheds new light on

  • memories of the painful events that shaped the author’s childhood,
  • the surprising hope he found in prison,
  • triumphs and failures from his days as a single dad,
  • lessons learned from his job as a vacuum-cleaner salesman,
  • his story of learning to bounty hunt,
  • and many other highs and lows from his life.


Most telling of all, Nine Lives and Counting follows Chapman’s faith in Jesus and the greater story he is focused on sharing with the world.

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