The Gift of One Day

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Jude Samuel Shook lived through only one sunset and one sunrise. Just one rotation of the planet . . . and he went home to be with God. 

Yet the way Jude unwrapped the divine gift of his one day changed the way his grandparents now live every day. A little boy who lived on this earth for just a handful of hard-fought hours caused Kerry and Chris to wonder, How many of our days make a breath of difference to those around us?
Their personal journal of loss, longing, and love eventually became known as the Miracle Book, a record of the ways God showed up in the midst of this hard and unexpected heartbreak. From this book, Kerry and Chris have gleaned fourteen life-altering truths, such as:
• When Tomorrow Is Too Much, Pray Just for Today, Lord
• You Are Dependent on God for Every Breath
• Hard Isn’t the Opposite of Good
• Fear and Faith Can’t Occupy the Same Space
• There Is a Hidden Gift in Every Hurt
These lessons have forever changed the way the Shooks approach each new day. And no matter your current situation, they can do the same for you. 

Join Kerry and Chris Shook on the journey of making every day matter!

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