My Advent Nativity Press-Out-and-Play Book

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My Advent Nativity Press-Out-and-Play Book by Tama Fortner, is an interactive pop-out board book, that teaches children about Advent and the nativity. Parents and children can read the short, easy-to-understand story of the first Christmas and learn how we can prepare our hearts in anticipation and celebration of the nativity of Jesus, just like Mary and Joseph were waiting for Jesus to come.



  • features a 25-piece nativity scene that will be loved (and played with!) for years to come
  • has a fully illustrated scene under each pop-and-play character so the book and story remain even after the characters and features are removed
  • is a perfect gift for ages 3-7 during the Advent and Christmas season
  • equips homeschool families and churches with a fun resource to fuel a deeper discussion and study of Advent
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