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Even pastors struggle to keep going sometimes. When Dr. Jack Graham had a major surgery ten years ago, he knew it would take a physical toll, but to his surprise, he also found himself wiped out emotionally and spiritually. He wrestled with depression and a lack of spiritual energy, and he struggled to find joy and growth in his walk with Christ.

Maybe you've been through a crisis of your own. Or maybe the busyness of life has overwhelmed you, or your faith has grown stale over the years and you've just been going through the motions. So how do you get back to being spiritually energized?
In Reignite, Dr. Graham shares the powerful lessons he learned during his own dark night of the soul. He shares biblical insights on how to keep your relationship with God from growing cold, how to focus on what truly matters, and how to make the most of your years on earth, creating a legacy that advances the kingdom of God.

For those who follow Jesus, God has promised a triumphant life and an eternity of joyous celebration. But we also need to embrace this joy and victory right here and right now. Let Reignite help you recapture what you've been missing.

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